June Bible Study Calendar

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This week we started the series 21 Days of Growth: Part I Real People. God uses real people to accomplish His work. Pastoral leadership isn’t called to do the work, but rather are sent to equip the church to minister. As part of our series, Pastor Drew called us to work through Bible verses about the Purposes of the Church every day this month and answer some questions.


The first group you should work through these questions with is your family. Your family is the most important social group you are a part of. So gather them around the table and work through these verses. You should be able to read the verses within 3 minutes. The questions may take a few minutes longer. But isn’t sharing God’s truths with your family the most important thing you could do? Is it worth a few minutes each day? Of course it is.

We are also asking that you work through these questions with fellow church members. Call someone and get their take on the questions. You don’t have to do this everyday. Perhaps call someone once a week and ask, “Which of these verses stood out to you most, and why?” “What did you find to be most impactful?” “What did God tell you about these verses that you have never picked up on before?” As we work through these verses as a church, watch and see the growth that we have in number – but also watch how we grow up together as a church family.